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November 29, 2011 the SARFT below the middle of the canceled TV series commercials
Xinhua Beijing on November 28, November 28, SARFT issued "<broadcast on radio and television advertising Measures Supplementary Provisions" and decided since January 1, 2012, the national broadcast TV series the middle of Episodes shall not in any form commercials.
It is reported that the Supplementary Provisions Article 17 of the radio and television broadcast advertising management approach "(January 1, 2010) is amended as broadcast television, not in the episode the middle in any form commercials, at the same time clear that the provision formally implemented on January 1, 2012.

SARFT spokesman said the party's seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session emphasized to develop nonprofit cultural programs, to improve the coverage of urban and rural areas, reasonable structure, functional, practical and efficient public cultural service system. TV as an important publicity and ideological positions, construction of public cultural service system bears an important responsibility to a variety of cultural art form, give full play to lead the fashion and educate the people, social services, and promote the role of development.

SARFT spokesman pointed out that the drama is a household word, one of the loved by the people by the people's spiritual and cultural products. Cancel intermediate commercials broadcast TV series episode, can effectively broadcast TV series episode story integrity and continuity of audience measurement, in line with the interests and aspirations of the masses, to better reflect the cultural services of radio and television public service function. From a long-term effect, but also help to promote the drama industry, science and health development, help to promote the television people-oriented, and to enhance the level of public services. SARFT to require radio and television administrative departments at all levels and the levels of television bring their ideas into the spirit of the party of the seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session, decided to implement the middle of the canceled TV series to commercials, so that satisfaction of the people. And to supervise the implementation of this decision be given a warm welcome to the majority of TV viewers.

The reporter was informed that to ensure that new policies be faithfully executed, November 28, SARFT also issued the "<" broadcast on radio and television advertising management approach on the implementation of the Supplementary Provisions of the Notice at all levels to television immediate clean-up and revocation of the 2012's TV commercials advertising time, re-arranging the program and advertising. Requires radio and television administrative departments at all levels to comprehensively monitor the implementation of the levels of television broadcasters still commercials, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations to be given serious.